SASS Files

Inside www folder of the project, we have a css folder which contains all the styling related content (i.e., css, sass, icons and fonts). We already included few css files for cusomizations.


 is the main entry point to the sass files. it contains all the color variables and controller style variables like border radius, default width etc. $positive is the main color of the theme. most of the css colors automatically build depending on the color of the $positive variable.


 is the place where you can write your own css overrides.


 and www/css/style-main.min.css are auto generated files. Please don't make any manual changes to these files as with next sass build all your manual changes might overwrite.


 is the place for your own sass styles.

Gulp Task to Compile SASS

Once you are done with sass changes, you have to run the following command to compile the sass into css. The gulp task will get all scss files and compile them and output to www/css/style-main.css and minified output to www/css/style-main.min.css

Prerequisite : Install gulp on your machine. Please install gulp globally by running

npm install gulp -g

  1. Open CMD
  2. Go to project path. (where gulpfile.js located)
  3. Run following command gulp sass
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